LOVE BEYOND THE STARS (​-​currently in production​-​)

by Ronnie Lee


This futuristic concept album story takes place in a Star Wars meets BladeRunner Steampunk era. It's about a young man who is chosen to set out on a quest to find True Love and the meaning of True Love which will save the worlds of Gallant Galaxy. It starts out with "A Delicate Destruction" observed by the counsel of Crash's home world "Butterfly Garden". While he prepares for his "Quest To Save The Worlds" he reflects on his "Old Life" and is comforted by his friends and family that they will be "Here With You", they say, while he is on this journey.
Crash arrives on the world "Lexical". During his search for True Love on the crumbling world, Crash encounters four Phantoms, guardians of Lexical. They insist on joining Crash on his quest. When it is time to leave and continue the journey, one of the Phantoms speaks to the people of Lexical, saying,"I Won't Leave (Without You)" promising them they will return to save them and restore their world. Crash is now "In The Company Of Phantoms" as he travels to the next world. Getting close they prepare for "Analysis Mode On Phaelon". On Phaelon Crash meets a beautiful Phaelonian named Lynne. Crash is drawn in to her beauty and magnetism. Time together passes and Crash discovers True Love in Lynne and finds that she is the key to True Love. She is "Wondering" if Crash will forever and always have time and love for her if she returns with him. He promises Lynne that with "A Love Like This" he will forever be hers. On the long journey home, while deeply holding each other, they fall into a state of "Reminiscence".
(To Be Continued) Copyright 2016

This album is a soundtrack to the original comic book created by Ronnie Lee and Kevin Mann due out with album!!


released June 16, 2017

All Songs Written and Produced by: Ronnie Lee

Ronnie Lee: Drums, e-Drums, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Synths, and Vocals

Brent W. Roberts: Vocals, Synths, Spoken Words

Matthew Leo: Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Jerome Shuman: Bass Guitars



Ronnie Lee Windham, Maine

Ronnie Lee is an Independent Studio Drummer, Producer, and Songwriter in the genre of Post Prog Art Rock. He has been performing, recording, and writing music for over 30 years and has toured the US and UK and has released several solo albums. Ronnie Lee is endorsed by AHEAD Drumsticks, AHEAD Cases, Big Bang Distribution, and SledgePad. ... more

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